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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Hair and Make up Artist (HMUA)

I used to love wearing make-up but since I shifted to my dream career I stopped and frankly now I think I don't even know how to put on my eye shadows which is a bummer especially if I need to be out with my friends (which do not happen to much which is a bummer or it's just age).

So now again I have this HMUA thingy that I have to tick of my list and I am lost. So nowadays I just wear a face powder and lipstick (not even my favorite red lipstick) if I do go out and just a lip gloss if am working.

 So if you ask me what look I want for my wedding then, I would just say I want to look like me natural but with my old signature red lipstick look hmmmm? not a high order right? opps!! one more I don't want to be oily on my day too :-)

So here are my top choice for my HMUA, they have great reviews in Girl Talk forum.

1. Tippy Destacamento

Tippy Destacamento
Viber & Facetime active
Instagram: @tippyfield
Twitter: @tippyfield

2.  Xyerene Eugenio

Xy Eugenio (Your Make-up Artist)
09062555056 / 09228117497   

3.  Nini Marquez

Nini Marquez

I like the three, all are within my budget and they are nice to talk with haiz!!! decisions! decisions!! maybe I should just ask the advise of my OTD wedding coordinator...but then I have to find one first hahahahhaha. 

Who do you think would make it to my supplier page?

BTW, I am accepting suggestions too :-)



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