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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: First Dance Songs

Been sitting on this topic for sometime now, or should I say been bugging jowaness to choose our first dance song for weeks or months arghhhhh!!

After being able to choose my bridal march song courtesy of Dizzysfingers the next thing I wanted to tick off our music list is our First Dance Song. Of course as always Google came in handy and was able to find these sites to be helpful

Unique First Dance Songs From the Offbeat Bride
99 Real First Dance Wedding Songs from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
50 Classic First Dance Songs from The Knot

I know there are tons of sites that could help you choose but then it hit me, I should choose something that both of us like and I was able to streamline it into 3 choices

 The way you look tonight - Adam Levine

For Once in My Life - Glee Version

Everything - Michael Buble

hmmm? so what to choose? well a little trivia this time my best friend Prudence said that I am Julia Roberts (I love her!!) from my all time favorite movie well in our version Jules would be marrying her best friend :-)

If you noticed we love these songs not only because of their meaningful lyrics (it tugs our heart) it's also kinda upbeat, now this is the catch hahahahahha I don't want just to dance to a song swinging from left to right for 3 minutes so when Jowaness and I agreed on the song I drop the bomb on him, that we have to choreograph a few dance steps.

Told him not to worry for I found these tutorial from Youtube :-)

Wedding Dance Steps part 1

Wedding Dance Steps part 2

It does have the swaying part that Jowaness like but with quick quick step part hahahahah, well another project that we have to do in March is to learn the steps, I just can't take out the teacher in me I asked him to download the videos and practice on his own.. hmmm? let's say I gave him an assignment :-)

David Levesque Youtube channel offers a lot of dance tutorial do visit it and you might just find something you might just like.

So now I have to practice practice quick quick step :-) but I should not forget to enjoy it too even if Jowaness steps on my toes hahahahah.



  1. I like that choices off wedding songs for the first dance. Sounds like a delight,

  2. I love how informative and very helpful your blogs are! Thank you so much!


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