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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Thank You Cards

One of my pet peeve is people who does not know or forgets to say Thank You, don't get me started it's just I find it hard to understand how these 2 words are easily taken for granted nowadays that makes me wonder if they were absent from class when their teachers taught Good Manner and Right Conduct.

So please understand why am planning our Thank you cards this early aside from the fact that this would be DIY project of ours :-)
There's tons of free printables in the internet but I wanted something where in I could write a personal note of thanks to our guests

Believe it or not, back in the 1950s -- often heralded as a time when great care was taken toward having proper manners and etiquette -- pre-printed thank-you cards were the norm. How and why did this change? Over the years, weddings have grown in size and cost; no longer do most of your guests live within walking distance to your venue. Guests are flying in from all over the world and spending to attend a wedding. Somewhere along the line, it was decided that guests deserve a more personal “thanks” for their time and effort spent on your behalf.

So here are some sites that offers FREE printables.

1. Betsy White

You got me, I love this card because it's black :-) and this is a folded card.

2. Wedding Chicks

I've been a fan of wedding chicks since I started planning our big day they offer tons of DIY printables and like their other printables you could customized it according to your preferred color.

3. Love VS Design

I find this pretty, I know it's not me but then its pretty!!! need I say more?
Oh, they also have a lot of Free Printables here

4. Cap Classique

I love that you could stick a photo of your guests during your big day, now I have to talk to our photographer about making sure he takes a photo of all the guests.

5. The Elli Blog

Simple and just simple :-)
More freebies and DIY ideas from her here.

6. The Sweet Occassion

I am not even sure if I could still ride a bike but this card has it cuteness factor and it comes in 3 colors blue,mint and pink.

7. Pumpkin and Poises

This could also be used as Thank You cards for other events.

8. Bridelicious

Do they still use watercolor in school? 

9. Minted Strawberry

Robert Fulghum's 'True Love' Quote Card

This is not a Thank You card but a valentines day card but I love the qoute, it US! and in the same link you could download the poster which you could display in your reception

10. Printable Invitation Kits

Saved the best for last, Ms Michelle from Printable Invitation Kits gives FREE yes FREE invitation templates not only for weddings. She even featured my DIY in her page here.
 I've worked with her in making my DIY Pocketfold Invitation wherein I used one of her templates customized to our color red and black.
 My DIY Boarding Pass Invitation which I used the clip art from the same template as my pocketfold invites.
And I did not stop there my DIY Save the Date Magnets adorable birds are also from her. I think I said it a thousand times in this blog that working with Ms. Michelle is easy she is so nice!!!

All the thank you cards I've posted here does come with an main wedding invitation that you could download for FREE here! If you want it to be customized to your color preference you would need to pay a minimal fee, am telling you based on my experience it's all worth it.

Now having said that gave me an idea, this would be another project I could work with her customized Thank You cards.

Well, whatever route we choose the most important thing is... We would like to thank everyone of our guests!

Opps! I almost forgot if you like all the Thank you cards you could download it here. And if you did use the templates please share with us a picture :-) Thanks!



  1. Yung sa amin ni Dence fudang na lang! :D hehehe! Ay! English ba dapat?
    Greeting is good but food is better while graced by your warm presence... :D

    1. hhahahaha Of course we have after after party and chikahan :-)


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