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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Kokoru Paper - Minion

I attended a Kokoru Craft party by Crafty Singapore, I don't know anything about Kokoru papers so after attending the workshop I did some Google search.

There's not so much in the web but what I found out is that Paper Kokoru stands for COlored-CO-RRU-gated paper, which is corrugated colored paper, and it's a product from Indonesia.

Before you could start making we should learn some basic shapes.

You could find a booklet in 7 Unique Creation with Kokoru here and or watch this video tutorial.

Let's start doing the basic shapes :-)

After you have practice doing the basic steps now it's time to have some fun!

Kokoru Minion

Saw a video tutorial here it's in Bahasa Indonesia so am going to try to give you a step by step instruction below.

What do we need
  • Glue gun
  • plastic eyes
  • Yellow Kokoru paper (2 strips, 1A4 )
  • Blue Kokoru Paper (2 strips)
  • Black Kokoru Paper (1 strip)

1. Start by making 1 blue and yellow round shape, I used 2 strips for each color.

2. Push out to form a dome shape.

3. Apply some glue to close the shape.

4. Now with the A4 Yellow Kokoru cut out 5 X 13

5. Now let's make the body. Roll the yellow paper into the blue and yellow round shape.

6. Take a strip of blue Kokoru and cover the bottom part of the yellow body.

7. Now let's do the legs.

Cut 3cm of the yellow Kokoru paper and 1.5 cm of black Kokoru paper.

Roll the Yellow Kokoru, then roll the Black Kokoru over the yellow.

Attach the legs into the body

8. Let's do the straps.

Take a 3 cm blue strip and cut into half

Glue the 2 strips into a L shape.

Glue the straps into the body

9. Now the eyes
Glue into the black Kokoru paper the plastic eyes.

Attach it to the body and there you have it... 

I know I know my minion looks like R2D2 but then I had fun doing it. It's still cute.

I was using a glue gun to assemble my minion (I did burn myself a couple of times), I think I would ask my students to use a double adhesive tape and craft glue (transparent of course!)

Enjoy! Share with me your pictures if you decide to make this. :-)

And the lucky person that got this is.... VS Lin!!



  1. wahhahaahhaahhahahaahhha IM LOVING IT!!!!

  2. hahaha the one who cant be name :-) happy to know you love it!!

  3. Your minion is cute!! I also enjoyed the craft party and I made a little dinosaur :)

    1. Hi Nueyer!
      I can't wait for the next one hahahahah. Saw your dinosaur and it was great! and you were able to do it in less than 2 hours? I was not able to finish my flower and bee :-( Hope to see you in the next craft party!

  4. How cute! thanks for sharing the tutorial! the craft party was so much fun!

    1. Hi! Thanks! more tutorials for kokoru papers planning this as a fund raising project for my students..thinking of doing the pencil toppers :-) and Thank you for the cute gift. Hope to see you in one of the workshop again!

  5. Oh, kokoru comes from indonesia, I thought from japan cause of the name. Loves ur crafts, want to try it ^^ I already knew about kokoru, so late... You have posted about kokoru 1 year ago

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting :-) Yup, that what I thought so too heheheh coz the name sounded Japanese. Enjoy your crafting maybe you could share some pics with us :-).


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