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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Kokoru Craft Party

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Ms Katrina Alana of in conjunction with Kokoru and Crafty Singapore  hosted a FREE craft party and meet-up this month, and yours truly was invited :-)

I got to know them when I attended Crafty Singapore Introduction to Western Calligraphy last June (post about this workshop to follow). The people from Crafty Singapore are a group of talented people (etsy shop owners) and they are nice, humble peeps too, they have been organizing workshops and meet ups. Their goal is to bring awareness of the beauty of handmade products within Singapore.

So let's go back to the workshop, I don't have any idea what happens in a craft party and Ms. Katrina was nice enough to answer the question, they will pick a craft that the group can do together. In this event, it is 3D papercraft using Kokoru papers.

Being a newbie in crafting, of course I was excited to the max.

The materials was provided for free they usually charge a minimal fee for such workshops but Ms. Katrina was able to get a sponsor for the workshop.

They even provided refreshments, sadly I was not able to eat for I was engrossed in finishing my Kokoru project, but I heard that the food was great especially the Carrot Cake (note to self should ask Ms Katrina the name of the shop, Carrot Cake is Kuya Paulo's Favorite)

Upon registration they would ask you to choose a template that you would like to make, I choose the flower pot and bee (i thought it was the easiest which I would learn later that it was not)

The Final product should look like this

After 2 hours mine looked like this

I think I did quite well, I was able to make the pot, flower although the bee is missing :-( for a first timer I am giving myself a pat in the back heheheheh. (would post the step by step instruction)

After the workshop we were given a goodie bag!!!

So I have to say thank you..

Kokoru Papers

Katrina Alana of and Alex Acibar of Photosaurus-Studio

Richard Chan of Unique Grabs

Megha Silvano of by The Art Bug

Jyoti Taparia of Veyadesigns

And lastly...

Crafty Singapore for organizing the workshop with Ms. Katrina :-)

Now I can't wait to start crafting with Kokoru Papers, I am not sure how to incorporate these in our big day but one thing is for sure I would share these with my students :-)



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