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A little note

A little note

DIY: Kusudama Flowers

I could consider myself an active Girl Talker, it's this forum from Female Network. The forum has helped me a lot with my wedding preps, planning it from overseas I do need the sisterets opinion on some things.

So when I received a message from one my sisterets from GT about Kusdudama Flowers ( I posted a photo of my mock up bouquet here) made me decide that I have to update my DIY postings. Of course I answered her questions on how to's but as they say picture could say a thousand words or something to that effect.

This flowers are pretty and frankly I did not thought that I could actually make one it's quite tedious a lot of folding, You would be needing 5 petals per flower and on average you need at least 24 flowers that's 120 petals hahahaha

I was folding the petals while am watching my favorite TV shows, you do need to multi task it could get boring but just fold, it's totally worth it.

So now let's make some Kusudama Petals

What you need:
  • Square Papers ( Origami Papers or you could cut it using newspaper, craft papers)
  • Craft Glue
1. Begin with a perfectly square piece of paper
 and (if the sides aren’t the same colors) place it pattern/color side down on the table.

2. Fold corner to corner, and crease firmly.

3. With the open end facing away from you, take both bottom corners of the “triangle” and bring them up to the top-center point creating a “diamond” shape.

4. Fold the center edges (both sides of the paper that meet in the middle of the diamond) in half to meet the outer edges, creating points that protrude from the diamond to the right and left sides.

5.  Open these folds completely, and “smush” at the middle fold to flatten out what should now look like two awkwardly shaped diamonds on top of your squatty square-diamond.

6.  Bring the top points of your outer diamonds down “into” your fold and crease until it is level with the rest of your paper.

7. Fold the outer edges both back in on themselves.

8. Now you should be able to bring the edge folds together to “kiss” each other in the middle, creating a loop of paper, that you’ll soon discover looks like a flower petal.  
This is one out of five petals you will need for your flower!  Repeat steps 1-8 to create the other four petals.        
If this is quite confusing you could visit the following sites
Folding Trees 

So what's next?? Well you have to choose how you want to make you're bouquet  before we could assemble the flowers

A. Using Stem Wires
B. Using a Styro Ball

I did try both and I actually I like both :-)

Let's assemble

A. Using Stem Wire

What you need:
  • Kusudama petals
  • Stem Wires
  • Buttons

1. Squeeze a line of glue along the inside edge of one of your petals, and stick it to another petal, setting them gently on the table to dry, and allowing them to prop up together.  Do this with four of your petals.

2. Once those are relatively dry, you can glue four of them together.

 3. Now let's prepare the stem wires, bend the stem wire.

4. Insert the button and twist to secure.

Don't worry if its loose, the flower would help hold it up.

4. Insert the stem wire with button to the flower.

5. Bundle all the flowers together. And tadahh!! you have your Kusudama Flower Bouquet

This mock up was quite flimsy, maybe it would be better if the first flower (base) is twisted into something stable like a stick then from there start building the bouquet.

As for the handle, you could add tulle or tissue wrapping paper. And cover the handle with ribbons and add a little bling like a brooch . This size would be perfect for bridesmaids.

B. Using Styro Ball

What you need:
  • Kusudama Petals
  • Styro Ball
  • Toothpicks
  • Brass Plated Paper Fastener
  • Craft Adhesive

1. Squeeze a line of glue along the inside edge of one of your petals, and stick it to another petal, setting them gently on the table to dry, and allowing them to prop up together.  Do this with four of your petals.

2. Once you have a few of the petals together and semi-dry, you can squeeze a line of glue down the center of all the petals, and place in a toothpics.  Once all of the petals are glued to the toothpick, you should have a flower!

3. Insert the brass paper fastener in the middle, don't forget to put adhesive glue before inserting.

Make a few of the flowers, for these mock up I needed 15 assembled flowers.

4. Put your stryo ball into something that could hold it, sturdy enough that it wont move when you are inserting the flowers.

Start from the middle and insert the flower, if you find it difficult to insert, use a toothpick to poke a hole, and then re-insert the flower.

Start building the bouquet by adding layers.

I only did three layers, since this is just my mock up bouquet.

With only three layers I think this would be big enough to be a bridal bouquet. I used toothpicks for the flowers I find it difficult to insert into the styro, maybe a BBQ stick would be better.

As for the handle, again you could use a few pieces of BBQ stick just insert it in the bottom, I suggest you do this first before assembling the bouquet.

Use tulle or tissue wrapping paper and wrap the handle with ribbon maybe a little bling wont hurt.

If you do see some obvious spaces, you could cover them up with buttoned stem wires.

Well if you have tried doing these would appreciate if you could share your pictures or any tips it would help :-)



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