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A little note

A little note

DIY Feature: Sylvia's DIY Projects

When I first written my posts I thought that only my family and friends would be reading them, or should I say forced to read :-P . And like any other person I would have this lazy spells, I would not even make an effort to post anything it even went to the point wherein I was considering to stop writing, sure I reached 2,000 page views but who are they, no comments it could be quite frustrating.

Then one day I received this personal message in Girl Talk from Sylvia and it was a pleasant surprise a surprise that I needed, not to be dramatic or over acting it did bought me to tears ( this is normal for me, I cry at almost anything) the message in a nutshell, she's thanking for me for my posts and that she was reading my blog from my first post to the most recent one.

I answered her message and we became email buddies, I found out that both of us are getting married in the same Church, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine, same reception Light of Love Events Place and both of us are planning our big day from overseas.

Whenever I have a new post, she would email me her comments,feedback and update me with her preps, oh..she is also a DIY bride on one of her email she shared with me her DIY projects I told her I have to share this thus I changed my DIY projects folder to DIY Projects/Features. I want to start featuring DIY projects of my friends :-)

She is one talented lady, I'am still trying to get my head around on how I could do our wedding cord and Sylvia was able to create a beautiful wedding cord and more, her bead works are so good. Here are her works:

Watch Bracelet

 Veil Accessories

 Wedding Cord

Wedding Cord

Aren't they pretty? I do hope I would be able to make something or close to this. 

To Sylvia, Happy Preps to you sisteret and I do hope this friendship would last even after our big day!



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