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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Light of Love Events Place

 During my visit in Manila last June finding a reception venue is one of mymajor things that I need to tick off my list. I told Jowaness that no matter what we have to book our reception venue even if we still have a year to go before our day.

We had 3 reception venues that we need to see but frankly I've been leaning to Light of Love (LOL), people might say I am crazy for loving a place to much that I have not seen it personally, well who would not fall in love with Atrium.

It was the dramatic skylight and chandelier that made me love this venue, so old school it made you feel that you're in an old house during the Spanish Era or something like that hahahahaha but then pictures are did not give it enough justice you have to see it for yourself.

The most it could accommodate is 180, now my dilemma is how to make sure that our guest list does not exceed 180 or change our venue. 

Maybe I should consider changing it to Loyalty which could accommodate 300 guest, well the brighter side would be having a bigger dance floor.

That's enough ranting for now :-)

I am just so happy that we had booked LOL before I left Manila.

 Who would have thought that behind these gates awaits a big surprise.

Entrance to Atrium
The guests would be greeted by these two adorable guards.
Their vast gardens

Oh this is the 2nd thing that I loved about LOL its their trellis that leads to their Cherish, Trust and Loyalty Venue.

Can't wait to have our engagement shoot in March :-)

BTW, Kenny our AE is very approachable as in nice!! he gave us a tour of the place and he answers my emails promptly which is a plus factor being an overseas bride.

Light of Love Events Place
Contact: Kenny
Address: 1163 Santol St,
Quezon City, Metro Manila,

Tel. Nos.: (632) 714-3871
Telefax: (632) 714-7989
Email Address:
Website: Light of Love Events Place

Office Hours:

9AM - 6PM Monday to Saturday
Sunday and holidays are reserved for
special appointments



  1. On May 2009 1163 Santol Street was opened to the public as a wedding venue acquiring the name: Light of Love, which offers a wide parking space, a caterer’s area, and maintenance and security staff during the event, as well as courtesy rooms for wedding couples and debutantes.

    Visit us for more information about the Light of Love Events Place. :)


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