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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Hizon's Catering Services

If you know the Galang Siblings, you would know that we love food!!! Just look at my and Chiqui's FB page we always post pics of food hahahahahha.
 I think it was something that we got from our late Dad, he would usually bring us out to eat at good restaurants. I remember him saying to my Lola whenever she complains how expensive the food is " Nanay, its better to spend my hard earn money in feeding my family good food, I could not bring it to heaven when I am gone" This would usually make me and my sibling laugh. Well, it did stuck, we would not hesitate spending money in good food.

So you know how stressed I was in choosing a caterer, Hizon's is one of LOL accredited suppliers. And since they've been in the business for so many years, I contacted them before my visit to Manila to schedule a Food tasting with them. Maricar our AE again is nice and helpful.

We were scheduled to attend their Grand Food Tasting in The Circle Events Place. I was excited, now who should I bring to represent the taste buds of Kuya Pau????

Luckily Mr. Yerzy Carbon, he is our eating buddy in Singapore was in Manila, so this is a no brainer for me.. he would represent Kuya Pau and if ever my siblings does not like the food I could always say it was Yerzy and Jowaness who choose the food hahahahha.

So the three of us went, me, Jowaness and Mr Carbon. Hizon's Set up was nice and surprisingly modern hahahahah.

And while we were waiting for Maricar, we had time to take some photos
See, Mr Carbon we have proof that you are with us during the food tasting hahahahah (peace!)

After Maricar explained to use their package it was eating time!!!!!
I liked their food, although I don't remember now what are the items that I wanted to be served during our reception, Maricar did assure me that we could still attend their food tastings whenever am in Manila and our final detailing would be in March.

Now I just need to choose the set up that we wanted, I am lucky that they just launch their new set ups in June,

Maricar sent me thru emails their new set ups and there are so many to choose from, I thought its going to be easy but then I was only able to narrow my choices to 4.

Candlelight : White and Silver
 I find this clean and classy, instead of white flowers it would be red for a pop of color and of course the thunders would love this, there is no black hahahahahah.

Damask : Black and White
I love this!! It has my favorite color black hahahahah again for additional color we could change the flowers into red. One thing am not comfortable with this set up is the high center pieces it seems that it might block the view of the guests.

Gothic : Black and White
Again, may favorite color change the flowers into red and it would be perfect. Ok I know that I am not into tall center pieces but don't you love those bird cage like center pieces???

Shabby Chic : Red and Blue
Ok this is totally not me don't panic. I love this set up maybe we could change the table cloth into black.

I am just so happy that we are able to book Hizon's as our caterer their package is affordable and do they do have a lot of freebies and upgrades.

Contact: Maricar Alcobendas
Telefax #: 925-0107/ 925-0103
Cel #: 0917-5919610

Address: 22 Renowned Lane Sanville Project 6, Quezon City, Philippines
Website: Hizon's Catering Services



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