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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Wedding Gowns in Singapore

Finding the dream gown is one if not the hardest thing a bride to be has to tick out from her long list of to-do's. I for one was quite stressed out, to top that I am not a size 6 person, I am a plus size bride arghhhh!!!

People would expect me to have my dress done in the Philippines, of course I would love to have it made in Manila but then if I factor the airfares making the gown in Singapore would be the sane thing to do, I have no intention of flying back and forth for my gown fittings.

It's decided am going to need to find my dream gown in Singapore and thus need to put my Googling skills into work. I've found a few bridal gown shop that is within my budget, the next step is to visit their place together with my trusty bridesmaid Lorena we visited and had tons of fun.
Affordable Made to Measure Wedding Gowns in Singapore.

1.  Vivian Gown

I've been in contact with Ms. Vivian thru email, you could send her your pegs for qoutation. She's answers promptly to emails. So I just have to make an appointment with her, she did say I could try her gowns.. I was jumping they have my size!!!!!

She has around 5 racks of gowns, so one could go crazy and of course I could only try a few pieces.
I was able to try 4 gowns in all and my favorite are these 2. If you happen to like something it's either you take off the rack display, she could do minor alteration or get a gown made to measure free alteration to your hearts content. Her prices is affordable.

She would suggest was is the appropriate cut of gown based on your body type, she is easy to talk with very accommodating.

Plus points!!! I could take pictures :-)

Price Range: 300 - 800 sgd
Craftsmanship: Very Good
Contact Person: Ms. Vivian
HP 94550375

2. A love Affair

 You would have around 4-6 racks of gowns to choose from, unfortunately I could not try to gowns, Lorena for the fun of it tried a gown that I liked.

Ms. Fluer is nice. It would take around 3-4 months for production and if you need to alter the gown she could recommend a seamstress.

Price Range: 300 - 800 sgd
Craftmanship: Good
Contact:Ms. Fleur
Phone: 92401768

3. Elas Dress

Elas Dress was our last stop for our search, The shop is near our place and she has around 8-12 racks of gowns. And they also have my size. I was able to try on 4 gowns. I was happy and I think I found my dream gown.. which was unexpected. I've envisioned myself in a ball gown, full lace applique, sweetheart tube but then the gown that I fell in love with was none of those, when Lorena saw me, she was " Mama! The gown is you!!!" that was it I was sold.

Ms Ella is friendly, accommodating if only we had more time to try on some more gowns. Opps!! It was Ms Ella who asked my to try on "this is it" gown.

Price range: 600 - 1500 sgd
Craftsmanship: Very Good
Ella - 9335 7479

I need to choose from Ms Vivan and Ms Ella, I have to make a decision by December both of them have 3-4 month production time. Haiz!! decisions!!!!

For any Pinay Singapore based brides you could check this forum page from the Female Network

 Girl Talk : Brides in Singapore  

You would be able to get some advice and ideas on how you could go about your wedding preps :-)



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    1. Hi Sarika, Thank you for dropping by ;-) Visited your site you have pretty dresses, if only I found out about you earlier, maybe I should buy something for myself instead :-)

  2. Elas Dress is very bad. I ordered a veil from her and it was late. When it arrived, the edges were jagged and there was a huge, uneven seam right down the middle of the veil. She was supposed to get it replaced, but 1.5months later, still no news. Ella also doesn't respond to SMSes or pick up her phone; she disappeared for the entire month and I had to call her assistant. When I finally managed to get in touch, she told me she'll refund the veil. That's not the point, because as a bride, you just want to have everything in place. All in all, my veil never got delivered.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Karen, Thank you for your feedback about Elas Dress and sorry to hear about your experience with them. Your feedback would definitely help the other brides out there.

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  4. Nice post and all images are nice all are looking very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for the nice feedback. :-) Definitely made my day!

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