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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Songs/Music (Bridal March)

 I am so excited to post this long overdue, got the good news a few months back I think. Well, I did have a post about Songs/Music (Ceremony).

I think my friends and family would expect me to walk down the aisle to Looking Through the Eyes of love since this is my go to song during our karaoke session but then I have this secret.. I love the song Ikaw, this is one if not the only tagalog song that I love listening to and believe me I did try to sing it but then I was not successful and it never made it to my repertoire of karaoke songs hahahahah

For those who are not familiar with the song here is the lyrics (Tagalog with English Translation)

Here's the translation:


You are God's fullfillment
The answer to my prayers
So that in all the time
Every moment
The one I'll love is you

You are the light of my world
The half of my heart
No one else is here even for a moment
That would ever change me
Now and forever it'll be you

All of my moves
It's because of you
If there is tomorrow that i am looking forward to
Because there is one that is you
Forever is not enough
For every moment to..
For over and over is..
I will love is you..

I know the lyrics could be cheesy but then I exudes the emotion of someone so thankful that he has found the right one hahahahhaha. I do have a cheesy side. There are so many versions of this song my personal fav is Mr Martin Nievera and for fun here is a version wherein an American sings Ikaw .

On my previous post,  I've listed some songs that I wanted in our Ceremony in Our Lady of Mt Carmel, in the post I also wrote that I stumbled upon this pianist named Dizzyfingers.

I was amazed on how good he is, I think I spent hours listening to the songs on his Youtube page. I messaged him requesting if he could do his interpretation of the song "Ikaw" told him that I wanted it as my bridal march song, I wasn't expecting an answer but he did, he told me that he doesn't know how to play the song but he is getting a lot of request that I should give him time.

Frankly, I forgot about it. And one weekend I got a message from Mr. Dennis (AKA dizzyfingers) informing me that he had uploaded a 2 versions of Ikaw on his Youtube channel. I was not only shocked...I was speechless, touched and emotional this is the best wedding present I could receive and it came from someone that I didn't know, see guys there are still GOOD people out there and I believe that Mr Dennis is one of them, he shares his talents, he has a big heart. just read the comments on his channel and you would know.

I could have just added this to my previous post, but then Mr Dennis deserves a post dedicated to him as my way of saying Thank you.



Listening to his rendition made me cry, Ok am not trying to be a drama queen but I am a very emotional person, you should see me when a watching Beauty and the Beast or Despicable me, I would be a mess. Anyway back to the point.. 

I am so happy, I could already picture myself walking down the aisle to this song. I just need to choose which version.

To Mr Dennis, my heartfelt thank you for taking time to learn the song and I know I said it too many times but am really thankful from the bottom of my heart and if ever you are in Singapore please please contact me.

For you guys who reads my blog if you want to listen to good music please follow dizzyfingers in you tube.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog. So nice of you to show your appreciation. This was indeed a pleasant surprise.
    Every now and then I do acts of kindness to people that I have never met.
    I just know that doing kind things, goes around and make this world a better place.
    Glad that I was able to make your request in time for your wedding.
    Congratulations once again and wish you and yours all the very best.

    Kind Regards
    Dennis Dizon /dizzysfingers

    1. Sir Dennis,
      It was my pleasure, I wish I could have done more for you.I am so lucky to have found you, you really do have a big heart.
      God Bless po!

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