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A little note

A little note

Featured in Printable Invitation Kits Site

DIY Projects with Printable Invitation Kits Designs

Bouyah!!! I was featured by Ms Michelle on her blog Printable Invitation Kits it came as a surprised I did not expect my DIY projects are worthy to be featured :-) . If you've been reading my posts you should know that I got my clip arts from her and I also got her to customize our main invite according to our colors.

Ms. Michelle is easy to talk with, she answered my emails promptly. She even suggests on what things you could ask her to customized for you to save money, this made me LOVE her more, she is in this to help people (her invitations are FREE!) only when do you need to customize things then do you need to pay a minimal fee, and trust me it's all worth it. I was able to use the clip arts on all my wedding stationary and they turned out nice.

I would love to meet her in person, so that I could thank her personally....hmmmm? maybe I should plan a visit to Cebu after my wedding.

So now its my turn to give back, I am sharing my DIY templates, just click to the link :-)



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