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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Save the Date Magnets

I am not a fan of making a video of us for our save a date, again with  trusty Google search for STD ideas I came across this save the date magnets idea and I loved it. BTW I got my cute love birds clip art from Printable Invitation Kits just send an email to Ms. Michelle with a minimal fee she would be able to customized it for you ( its worth it)

Prepare the things that you need
Printed STD A4 Sticker     
Printed A4 Backing ( Template - if the link doesn't work please leave your email in the comment section and I would gladly send it to you :-) )
A4 Magnet Paper ( bought several in Daiso sgd 2)
Instant self laminating name cards ( sgd 2.70 10pcs/pack )
Pen knife
Self healing mat
Blings (optional)

 Cut your STD into pieces, trust me pasting this directly into the magnet paper is not a good idea you would have so many wastage, unless you have great skill in cutting then by all means do so :-)

Prepare your magnet sheet

Arrange your STD, since am using a sticker paper I stick them after I arranged them making sure I have enough spaces in between, 1 A4 magnet sheet should produce 10.

With a trusty pen knife and ruler, cut away.

Now use the instant self laminating card to cover the front of your STD, I only used the sticker part of the laminating card and trim the excess with the pen knife and ruler

 Add your blings and Tah Dah!!!! Nice huh???

B2B, before you go crazy and make tons of STD Magnets please please ask your friends to proof read everything first.
I did around 50 pcs when someone noticed a grammar mistake!!! woah!! It broke my heart hahahah so I re-did everything :-(

Costing (sgd)
Material            UP         Output Qty        Price
Envelope          1,50             10                 0.15
Magnet Sheet   2.00             10                 0.20
Sticker Sheet    0.22               9                 0.02
Backing           0.40                2                 0.20
Self Laminate  3.00               10                0.30
Blings              3.50              100               0.04
                                           TOTAL/PC    1.07 (php 35.17)



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