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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Felt FLowers (pompoms)

I've tried doing several felt flowers and this is my first DIY posting. I am so excited because this is easy to do give and take 15 minutes, over the weekend I've chucked my work one side and decided to make a Dahlia and pompom flower, planning to use it for our groomsmen boutonniere and bridesmaids wristlets. The pompom flower won for our bridesmaid wristlets. One of my bridesmaid Lorena dropped by and she brought home both as a accessory for her bag :-)

What do you need: felt paper,scissor, glue,pen,glass and clothespin.

How do you do it:
1. Trace your circle, I used the base of the glass.

2. Cut 10 pcs of the circle.

3. Put a drop of glue in the middle of one of the circle.

4. Fold into half.

5. Put a bit of glue in the base of the half circle.

6. Fold in horizontally. 

7. Let it dry, I used a clothes pin to keep it in place.

8.You would be needing 9 petals.

9. The 10th circle would be your base.

10. Glue one of the petals on the base like it's a quarter of a pie.
11. Add another. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the petals are all pointing in the same direction. The side with one edge should touch the side of the next petal with two edges, and so on.
Continue to glue four petals to the base. This is your first layer.

 12. Glue the next four petals in the same way to make the second layer. Stagger the petals.
13.Add the last petal in the center adding glue to secure. Glue this into the center of the flower.
14. Fluff the petals and enjoy!
Wasn't that easy?? Depending on how you are going to use it, you could attach a pin behind but you should make it sturdy by gluing a circle cardboard and another felt circle in the bottom. 

I love this pompom flowers so much!!! If I haven't folded so many of the Kusudama Petals I would definitely use this for my bouquet... hmmm?? maybe I should just find where I could use the Kusudama flowers instead...

I would update this post on how I used these pompoms flowers on our wedding aside from being our bridesmaid wristlets.

Happy DIYing :-)



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