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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Wedding Photo Sharing Apps (FREE)

Who doesn't like their picture taken? Well as for me I love it love it, the invention of the camera phone was heaven sent to me hahahhaha, in my not so long ago younger years you could consider me as a camera whore :-) I love taking pictures of myself then but then once you get older you find self photo taking is only meant for the younger ones. I have my poses nailed to the T!! my family and close friends can attest to this, my smile, my angle are the same and now I even have a trick to make myself look smaller in group pics hahahahha next project is how to make my self smaller during solo shots.

So now you know that I love pictures :-) that's one of the reason that getting a professional photographer is not enough I want MORE MORE MORE!! and what other perfect reason to ask my friends and family to take our pictures is during our big day :-)

Now we are tech savvy and almost everyone I know would have a smart phone so I Goggled and found out this cool photo sharing apps and its FREE!!!!

Here are the 3 apps that I've registered in and would do a trial run, I asked some of my family and friends to download the app just to see which one is more suitable and user friendly not unfortunately not all of my family are tech savvy ( like my sistah Chiqui )

This is the first app that I sign up with, I love the interface it could be used by both iPhone and Android phone user, you could make different albums , linked to Instagram and they even send you a personalized photo sharing card to insert in your invitation or put on top of the table to invite your guest to share their photos plus its integrated with The Knot how cool is that!

Then when I was about to download the app, KABOOM!!! its not compatible with my Samsung 7.0 tablet ... this sucks!! but then I am hoping that it would available before our big day.

Reviews from Google Play : Capsule Cam

Wed Pic

I've learned from my previous mistake :-) downloaded the app first then I signed up, I love this app not because its compatible with my tablet but because it has the same interface as and again they give you personalized free photo sharing cards, poster and photo scavenger hunt game :-)

Photo Sharing Card

Photo Sharing Poster

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Like the you could create several albums but at Wed Pic pre set albums with cute icons and there is a slideshow options that you could use during the recpetion, its real time sharing guys!! excited much ( then not sure if our venue has free Wifi, hmmmm got to check)

Reviews from Google Play : Wed Pics

Wedding Party
This is also an interesting app, it could let you download free photo sharing posters and place cards, there is also a slide show option in your dash board but if I need to compare it to the previous 2 apps their interface and design is simple... too simple

Reviews from Google Play : Wedding Party

All apps could send invites to your guest thru email :-)

Now time to snap snap take some pictures and test these bad boys out!

If anyone of you has tried any of these apps please share your experience by leaving a comment below, Thanks :-)



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