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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure : Sacrament of Confirmation (Kumpil)

I knew where I got baptized, San Agustin Church in Intramuros Manila and I assumed that I got confirmed at the same Church those days a child could get baptized and confirmed at the same time so I didn't even bother looking for the certificate although I knew I saw it somewhere but I just can't recall where hahahaha.. 

Anyways, now that I am getting married and one of the requirements is a copy of the confirmation certificate with an annotation of for wedding purpose only.. so my dilemma starts :-(

All our certificates are in Laguna my mothers hometown and I dont have any intention of rummaging through her things.. It's going to be an emotional task for me been missing Mommy nowadays especially if I need to make any decision with my wedding preps so going to Laguna to find my confirmation certificate is a big NO!!

Jowanness  has also not received the sacrament of confirmation so we decided that we do it together.

With my every trusty lappy... ask Google and GT forum and I shall have answers hahahahha

So here is what I found.

National Shrine of St Michael and the Archangels
Aka Malacañang Church/Villa San Miguel

Address: 1000 J.P. Laurel St. cor. Gen Solano St .
San Miguel, Manila
Tel: 734-1271
Telefax: 736-1105

Confirmation Schedule: 
Thursdays     2:30pm
Sundays 10:00am

Things to Bring:
Original Baptismal certificate
Copy of Baptismal certificate
Copy of Birth Certificate
Sponsors/Witness (Ninong and Ninang) 
Confirmation fee of 600 pesos 
Pen (to fill up the form)

What to do:
Get a form from the guard. Questions include your full name, birthday, names of your parents, date and place of your baptism, names of your sponsors and their address, and your current parish church.

Line-up inside the parish office. A member of the church staff will review your documents -- completed form, baptismal certificate, birth certificate. 

Pay Php600, they will issue a receipt and will also give you a name tag

Proceed to the church for the orientation and follow the instructions of the church staff in terms of sitting and what to do during the mass. This includes when to stand to line up, where to kneel, what to say and when to say it.  
Jowaness and I would be going there this June. Now have to find a Ninong and Ninang :-) 



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