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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Free e-save the date cards

Wedding Chicks STD
This was our original STD, things change :-) especially me who is always on a look out for new ideas. I've posted our DIY STD on DIY Project - Wedding stationery

STD Magnet Template
 I am happy with our DIY STD magnets its kinda cute but then again I need a back up plan :-)
Thus, my Googling skills to the rescue and found the following

You could create an account by thru Facebook. They have a lot of FREE STD e-cards and I found one that I could send to my overseas guest

This one is a keeper :-)

This site also offers free e-STD cards that you could send, I found one that I like

Simple and cute, they do have a lot of choices you would definitely find a design that suits you.

Whether I use these cards or not, I did have fun making them.



  1. Interesting ideas I must say. Its one card which needs to be special and one of a kind and I love the last one!


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