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A little note

A little note

DIY Project - Wedding stationery

Its been a while since my last post been busy with work that my wedding preps and DIY projects was put on hold :-(
But now am back!!! full force :-)
Planning a wedding takes a lot of time as in 24 hours in a day is not enough so many decisions, good thing that I have some DIY projects to take my mind off those stressful things that comes with wedding planning.
Instead of posting my DIY stationery projects on separate posts, I decided to put them together, so here it goes

Opps! before I forget I have to mention that all clip art that I used was bought from

Ms. Michelle was so nice and helpful it was a good investment she even suggested that I just purchase the clip art since I am quite versed in MS Word, she is thoughtful she helped me save some $$$.  I was able to make tons of stationery using her clip arts and she customized the colors according to our wedding color, Ms Michelle, Thank you :-) you're awesome!!!




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