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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure : Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao ( Chancery )

 The biggest thing that any couple would be deciding during their wedding preparation was choosing the Church that they would love to have their ceremony. For me and Rodel I was the one that made the decision I was insistent that we have to our ceremony at Our Lady of Mt Carmel, I was happy...  more of ecstatic when we were able to get it as our ceremony venue, this was it.. We are really getting married, it was a sign :-)

I told the story why I was praying to have our ceremony at Mt Carmel in my previous post, Wedding Adventure: Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine Parish Church.

Lo and behold amidst my being ecstatic Rodel told me since I've been in overseas for years now that we have some additional requirements that needs to be submitted to the Chancery office of Diocese of Cubao as if the Church requirements are not already a handful :-(

He has to send me a copy of the General Norms on Wedding Preparation that the Church has given him

Ok fine!! another thing to put into my long checklist :-)

Rodel went to the Diocese of Cubao and he filled out this form and he was interviewed by Ms. Bessie. Then he was given this list of requirements.

Don't Panic!!!! Most of the requirements are the same as the Church requirements the only additional thing is that I need have a Sunday Bann and Freedom to Marry Certificate from ROM Singapore ( I could do this online and pick it up :-) Yahoo!! )

We need to submit the requirements and only then we could attend the Pre-Cana and do our Canonical Interview.

Hmmmm? I think I should speak to Ms. Blessie and Mt Carmel when I am in Manila.



  1. Your choice of Roman Catholic Church was awesome, it was beautifully decorated. Yeah wedding and wedding reception venue selection is very important for us.

  2. Hi, when you chose self-collection, do they required both of you to be present to collect? or do they need authorization letter for you to collect for the other person? Thanks.

    1. Hi, do mean when we went to the Diocese in Manila to submit our documents? Only one of you is needed actually just make sure everything is complete and the your other half could collect it


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