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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Entourage Outfits

 One of the most stressful part of wedding planning is choosing your entourage outfits. Yes, I know that the bride has the last say but then its not that easy. And getting married in the Philippines the couple is the one shouldering the cost of the outfits.

There's a lot of things to consider.

The time of day and the degree of formality suggest the certain parameters within which you want to select your wedding party's attire. Try to keep the costs within reason or consider paying a portion of the costs for your attendants as a gift to your party.


 The type of fabric and color of attendant's dresses are determined by the bride's wishes. The dresses should complement the bride's gown and overall look of the wedding.
You will want your attendants to feel and look comfortable so not only consider how each will look in the dresses you choose but you should ask for their opinions on the dresses you choose.
Normally, the bridesmaids are dressed alike in similar style and color dresses but the newest trend is moving toward having different styles in one color or different shades in one style. Another trend that is growing is separate tops and long skirts instead of one complete dress or gown. If the bridesmaids' shoes will be dyed to match their dresses, they should get their shoes at the same shop to ensure the color is an exact match.

Maid/Matron of Honor

The maid or matron of honor is normally dressed the same as the bridesmaids but just in a different color. If you choose to dress the maid or matron of honor in the same color as the bridesmaids, you will probably want her to carry a larger bouquet to set her apart from the others.


The bride and groom's mother's dresses should complement the overall look of the wedding in regards to style and color. The bride and groom's mothers should consult with the bride on what each will be wearing, the color, length of dresses as well as if gloves or hats should be worn. The growing trend for mothers is gowns with matching shawls or sheer jackets as well as coats. Also, the latest colors are jewel tones, neutrals, and lots of muted colors.

Flower Girl

The flower girl's dress may match the bridesmaid's dresses in color and length but it should be tied into other aspects of the wedding. The dresses can be knee, tea, or floor length but keep in mind the comfort and practicality of the dress.
Some wedding dresses have flower girl dresses that match or have similar elements such as beading or lace. If your flower girl's dress is white, you can add a sash to match the color of the maid or matron of honor or bridesmaid dresses.
For shoes, ballet slippers are normally worn in white or pastel matching the color of the dress. To dress up the slippers, you can add lace or baby pearls around the opening of the slippers. If the flower girl is carrying a basket of rose petals, you could add a flowered wreath woven with colored ribbons to her hair to complement her overall appearance.

Our Wedding Entourage Outfits

1. My Bridesmaid

 I love google and girl talk ever since I started my wedding preps. I found this dress called infinity dress/convertible/7in1 I don't really care what its supposed to be called.. I love this dress!!!!

Apparently this dress has been around for quite sometime... Why oh why I haven't heard about this!!!

Anyways since I found this dress, I decided that this would be my bridesmaid dress, it's flatters any figure and the best of all they could re-use it after the wedding points! points!

So, after drooling at the dress, I have to find a supplier in Manila.
Ask and Girl Talk will answer together with Google :-)

Found 2 suppliers


I was able to contact Ms Agatha thru her facebook page, her page is so useful just have to be patient on browsing it for all the your questions could be answered.

Swing dresses are only 1,000 php, it's budget friendly points! points!

She does meet ups for pick ups at Ortigas or she could send it to you with a minimal shipping fee points! points! 

And the ladies at Girl Talk loves her. mega points!

She does meet up in Glorietta by schedule, I would meet her when I visit Manila in June.

I did mention that I love this dress, so am going to place an order for myself first hahahahah sorry girls :-)

Would post a picture of me wearing the dress once I received it :-)

Marilenn Infinity Dress

This is another Girl Talk find.
Contacted Ms. Marilenn thru email, I was also able to find out the price of her dresses which is around 1,500 php

The downside is their shop is based in Cebu, although her mom do travel to Manila often to meet up potential clients.

She is my back up plan.

2. His Groomsmen

This is the easiest of them all hahahahhaha.
They would be wearing Barong Tagalogs, so the next question is what color... its going to be black

I think we could find these in Divisoria or any major mall in Manila, now the challenge would be convincing the elders to agree to the color.. Good Luck to me.



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