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A little note

A little note

THIER side of Our STORY

Our story is 1 decade and 6 years in the making :-) . Writing our story would be a feat but then with a little help from my friends you could get the idea with their sharing.
Special thanks to Kuya Bart for giving me the idea!

From Kuya Bart

Back in 1996, I met these two wonderful people who taught me almost everything I need to know on how to be a better person, how a friend should be and how to have fun in life. They are part of what I am today. I have a big respect to them not only because I am way younger than them but also I am a Probinsyano(from the province)who lives away from my family. For me, they are the family that I have in Manila.
Vic2 is actually our manager but she hangs out with us like we are all equal. When I met Vicvic, I knew that she’s a cool person. And since I already have the coolest biological sister, I want to have two. That is why I have vicvic. She’s my duet partner in long walks. She’s the only girl in our group but she eats like us boys. But seriously, she’s a big sister to me. She’s there through the ups and downs. And yes I owe her big time in those tough times of my life.
Rodel is our comedian. He doesn’t run out of lines and jokes to make us laugh specially Vic. He is Vic’s immediate response guy when she needs help or something. A dependable ally wherever you go.
But Rodel is also Vic’s number one critic (and vice versa). They always argue about anything. Maybe that was the reason why they end up being a couple because they deeply know each other for more than a decade. They started as friends to enemies to lovers. If I am not mistaken, the Titanic movie is also the culprit. They watched it twice in a row I believe.
I love you both! You deserve each other.”



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