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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure - Where do I start?

Most Brides to be would be asking this question... How do I start? What should I do? Well, for me I asked Google! and there are tons of websites that could help, frankly I was overwhelmed with the information that it made me confused but then it made me excited at the same time I even questioned myself if I really want to go thru this, sounds weird but I think this is normal. Planning a wedding is a roller coaster ride, with its ups, downs and turn I know its going to be worth the ride.

So what did I actually found in the web? tons of checklist I've downloaded a few and selected the one that could work for me, from there I tweaked the templates according to my need.

Here are the websites that I found:

This is the first website that I found, I got so excited that I  signed up and made our wedding website stayed up a few nights so that I could finish it and share it with my friends, their wedding website templates are easy to use.
They also have a lot of tools that you could use to start planning your wedding, although I did not use it I still prefer to work on my worksheets offline. Our wedding website is the first thing that I was able to cross out from our long to do list.

My sister suggested this site since we already have a wedding website I did not bother signing up until I was searching for a guest list template, It was so cool and heaven sent. You could download their guest list template and upload it to the guest list manager and this is the cool part, you could make a make a seating chart, I find this so helpful. I was able to see how the layout of the reception would look like which again made me excited. Ive transferred our wedding website here

For the Filipina Bride this site would be your BFF, you could find suppliers, tools and even know how to plan a Filipino Wedding. I guess like most pinays we are so influenced by the western culture that we forget that we too have amazing wedding traditions, this site would give you details on how to plan your wedding and ensuring that you still incorporate our traditions.

The My Wedding Planner tool that I love is their i-plan 

This is the Wedding worksheet am using.

 How many girlfriends could a bride to be have? Are your current GF's on call 24/7? Well, you could add the sisterets from the Female Network in your list of BFF's their Girl Talk forum offer lots of information, the B2B in this network is helpful and nice, I was able to learn from their experience,  I was able to finalize my potential supplier list because of them. To the ladies of Girl Talk (GT) my heartfelt thanks to all of you, I know I still have a long way to go, but knowing you AWESOME peeps are there makes me confident that am in good company

When planning for a wedding, you would go thru a lot of wedding blogs. I found micanoymous informative she blogged in detail her experiences in her wedding planning, she is my inspiration :-) I decided to blog my wedding planning adventures after reading hers, I wanted to help other B2B out there. She helped me in ways that I can't thank her enough. I did leave a message in her blog thanking her.



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