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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure - To DIY or Not to DIY

Our wedding is in 2014, a year and a half of planning and budgeting. Going thru my must haves Church, reception venue, wedding gown, entourage outfits my budget is going going going GONE!! Searching the web I found out a lot of sites that has tutorials for DIY wedding stationery and IDEAS!!

Well, think think think

I still have time and I really want our wedding to be nice and have an coordinated feel so I came out with the idea of doing some DIY projects.

The last time I was crafty was during my highschool and college days, am just hoping I still have it :-)

I am excited to start this project

Lets the adventure begin :
Find a wedding stationary checklist -  better to know what you are getting yourself into, go thru the list.

Check out this sites

The Essential Wedding Stationery Checklist

Paper Source - Wedding Checklist & Stationery Timeline

DIY Bride - Stationary Checklist

Little Wedding Guide - Stationary Checklist

Reflect - This might sound weird, but just take a breather and ask yourself :

Why am I doing this? 
The obvious reason would be you wanted to save some $$$ but then you could do without some of the wedding stationary and just have the basic stuff.
 I did ask myself this question, well as what Ive written I wanted my wedding to have a coordinated look and if I do pull it off, its going to be a great achievement for me :-)

Do you have time to spare?
Reading the sites for DIY Weddings, one factor you have to consider is TIME. You might be saving $$$ but then its time consuming. Consider the following and ask yourself if you have time to SPARE!
  • You have to search the web ( although I would be posting the cool sites that I've found).
  • Doing layouts 
  • Buying/sourcing for equipments and materials.

Do you have patience?
Well, this is one important virtue that one person should have if she is planning to embark on DIYing her wedding stationery,
Remember, there is a possibility that you would be re-doing somethings several times
You also don't want to vent out your frustration on somebody :-)

Make your own checklist - Ok great!! you decided that you would DIY your wedding stationery, unless you are superwoman or you are on work hiatus, you wont be able to DIY everything. 
Divide your list according to definitely YES  and definitely MAYBE.

This is my list of DIY
definitely YES

  •  Wedding Invites - am eying to do a pocket fold invites and this includes the main invite, entourage cards, reception card, directions and RSVP cards. Our Thank you cards would also be having the same design.


  • Ceremony Program - Planning to have a fan ceremony program.


  •  Reception Program 
  • Table number
  • Place cards / Escort Cards
  • Favor Cards
definitely MAYBE
  • Misalettes
  • Ceremony Kit ( labels : water bottle , pocket tissue ) - this depends on our budget :-)
  • Favor boxes/bag
Make your timeline - Planning a wedding is stressful and adding these DIY projects will just add more sleepless nights to you. If you PLAN your schedule then it would not be a problem ( fingers crossed).

Have Fun - You are doing this for the biggest day of you life to date, make sure you enjoy every minute of it, you're only doing this once (unless you did a terrific job that your friends would ask you to do it for them :-) ) Ask help from your MOH and bridesmaids its not part of their duty but then they are your family and friends, if they said YES then you did a good job in choosing them, if they said NO, they have a good reason and being family and a friend we would understand.




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