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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure - Inspiration Boards

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Wedding Planning nowadays takes over my life even if I still have more than a year till our big day.

I brought some work home hoping to finish some of my deadlines over the weekend, but instead of turning on my work lappy I heard something... my home lappy calling me whispering turn me on!!! Well am a weakling :-(  I cant ignore it so, I spent my Saturday infront of my home lappy planning away.

So what was my project from this weekend that I sacrificed my deadlines for? Inspiration Boards. I got tons of unorganized pictures, yup I did created a folder in dropbox for my wedding planning but still I cant still see the whole picture, so I asked Google and I received tons of sites.

Well, I could say that I had a fruitful wedding planning weekend :-) hoping I could say the same for my work related deadlines.

 So lets start!!!

What is an inspiration board?

Also known as a wedding story board, a wedding inspiration board is a collage of images and photographs which represent the spirit and tone of your wedding. This collage will help decide the wedding’s color palette, theme, decorating ideas and other details, all of which – as the name says – will be the inspiration for your wedding.

What is it used for?

An inspiration board can be very useful to show your vendors, as well as your decorator, wedding planner, florist, photographer and cake stylist… so that they may understand what type of look you want for your wedding. A wedding inspiration board will help keep you focused and prevent you from buying things that do not fit the vision you have for your wedding.


How to Make A Wedding Inspiration Board

by Jenee Allan on May 25, 2012
One of the first things to check off your wedding checklist is putting together an inspiration board.  This is going to be your tool through out the wedding planning process, to bring in all the details you are planning and ensure they all work fluidly. Post image for How to Make A Wedding Inspiration Board

The last thing you want is to have a garden style bouquet with a modern centerpiece for your reception flowers.  If you are working with wedding planners they will be able to assist not only with providing inspiration but also putting it all together for a visual overview.
So, now that you know WHY you should make an inspiration board, let’s get started in figuring out HOW to make an wedding inspiration board.




Let’s Get Started:

  1. First let’s start off with collecting your inspiration-  You are going to want to know what style wedding you are going for.  Are you a modern chic bride, or a romantic elegant bride.  There is a range in style and while some styles can cross over, I would suggest first finding out what Style Bride You Are!  If you are in the dark and want some guidance click here for Visions What Kind of Bride Are You Guide.
  2. Let’s talk color- In putting together an inspiration board you will want to start with your color choices.  I would recommend a family of options.  Two colors are just not enough, you will learn this and you get more in depth in the planning process regarding invitations and smaller details.  So come up with your main color, an accent color and then of course a neutral that will carry it all together.  For help with color palettes we LOVE to use Pantone Colors as they are the most versatile in the wedding industry.  Ask your planner for a swatch of Pantone colors to really get a feel for all your colors together.
  3. Pictures- What is an inspiration board without photos?  You will want to create a folder on your computer that will house all your photos.  I recommend using sub-folders to give each category a seperate folder.  So you might have a Wedding folder and then subfolders of Cakes, Hair, Dress, Venue, Flowers etc.  While I know that your probably have a Pintrest I would recommend also having your top choices on your computer, some time too much inspiration gets confusing and you can easily get frustrated
Now that you are on your way and have a solid plan in place for the inspiration board now you may be asking WHERE do I put all of this together.  I have come up with Visions Top Inspiration Board Makers to cut down your guess work.


Top Inspiration Board Makers

I had fun going thru this sites the reason why I spent the whole weekend to finish my inspiration board. It really falls into how patient and tech savvy you are, I did try all of these sites and when I found I function that doesnt suit me I move on to the next site, ladies its a trial and error process...Patience is the key.. but when you finally found the right site...WHOA!! your going to get this excitement that you wouldnt even consider eating or sleeping :-)


I like Polyvore much more than the conventional Wedding Inspiration Board because I was able to get more creative with this, with no decided theme nor colors. All i know is that, my fiance and I are both quirky, geeky and urban. We love LED lights and cityscape. So I made this:
Free Wedding Inspiration Board Polyvore
  • Huge non wedding themed image library. Truly inspirational instead of “what other people do”.
  • Intuitive editing tools: drag and drop, resize, move image backward and forward, remove, center, etc.
  • Can search images by keywords <3
  • Embedding is available.
  • Need to install a toolbar in order to upload your own images.


Super easy to use with a few layout limitation, if you already know your theme, StyleMePretty Inspiration Board will have everything you need.
Free Wedding Inspiration Board from StyleMePretty
  • Preset templates and you can customized by splitting or merging cells.
  • Image library is categorize by Galleries, Subjects, Designer Collection and you can upload your own pictures.
  • Embeding code available.
  • Mouse over images to see photography sources and color tags.  The click through will take you to the vendor’s website.
  • No keyword search, bummer.
  • Image previews are cramped to the left column and too small.
  • You can only enlarge but cannot shrink images.

Wedding Wire

WeddingWire‘s inspiration board is very similar to StyleMePretty but it’s a little awesomer because it has color filter and mouse-over enlarged preview images.

Free Wedding Inspiration Board from WeddingWire
  • Filter images by categories, seasons and COLORS!
  • Image preview will enlarge when you mouse over the images at the top navigation.
  • Embeding code available.
  • List out vendors’ links below the image instead of having it as a mouse-over feature.

The Knot

The Knot‘s Inspiration Board tool is surprisingly not extremely impressive in terms of functionality and image choices. Can’t embed so I had to screencap this :(
Wedding Inspiration Boards from TheKnot

  • The image library tool is categorized on a more granular level, making it easier to search.
  • You can also upload your own pics to the library.
  • Credits will show in the images when you mouse over. The click through will take you back to TheKnot’s own articles — internal linkage win!
  • No resizing function at all. You can’t even enlarge your photos this time.
  • Image preview is too small and have no enlargement function.
  • No embedding function.

Project Wedding
Project Wedding has lots and lots of beautiful images which are conveniently categorized and sorted by colour. It’s very simple to use, first choose a template, then drag and drop the images into the empty spaces (you can also resize the images within the board).


and the winner is..... drum roll please!!!

The Knot : Wedding Inspiration Board

I am loving The Knot nowadays they have a lot of tools that could help a bride to plan her dream wedding from her checklist, guestlist, seating chart and now this inspiration board. I have to thank my sister for recommending this site to me, the only sad part is am too lazy to create another wedding website.

 I would create another post for my inspiration boards :-)

I didn't try this, but in case you ladies want to give it a try, please leave me a comment and share with me how it went :-)

How to do it on the computer?

There are various different ways of creating an inspiration board, some more simple than others. One of the hardest ways is using a photo and image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp – the second one can be downloaded for free.
One of the easiest ways to create an inspiration board is to use one of the many free software programs that exist on the Internet and that are very user-friendly, such as MosaicMaker, where you can upload your images or photographs from Facebook or other social networks. Picassa is another image editing software that allows you to create very interesting inspiration boards. This type of software is equipped with various layout options such as placing images in mosaics of different sizes: 2×2, 3×4, 5×4, etc. or 4×4 with a central image highlighted, for example. Whatever the options, you should create your own personal inspiration board, choosing the layout you think is best.

Example of the creative process

A great place to start, for example, is with a color… or not – it all depends on what inspires you. In this case, the idea is a chic urban wedding, with a classical touch, in a monochromatic palette based on the color brown. So, you start by selecting the right color: chocolate brown.

Add another element which includes the elected color, as well as an example of the style you would like to portray at your wedding.
An idea for the reception.
An idea for the bride’s hair.
The bouquet, the calligraphy for the invitations and the invitations themselves.
Some additional details.
A little bit of humor and the groom’s suit.
An idea for the wedding guest favors.
No one can resist such a cute flower girl!
Grandma’s chocolate pie is a must!
And voilá, an inspiration board!




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