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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adeventure : Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine Parish Church

I told myself after the incident last weekend that I would limit my postings..since it has taken over my life ( as if I have one) but I just can't resist ... I have to share this..

My late parents brought us to Mt Carmel almost every Sunday when me and my siblings were growing up. I've always loved this place its architecture and of course the good memories of Sunday morning masses and family lunch after.

The church grounds is so spacious. Parking will definitely not be a problem.
 When one enters the church, you will fall in love with it! The church is so big, it's really beautiful. and with my only 150 guests it would look empty.. but then its going to be 150 family and friends.

Yes, their aisle is really long...
Just imagine,  I standing behind the closed wooden doors, and then on cue, my bridal march song ( haven't decided on this yet) will play as the doors slowly open, revealing me in my beautiful white wedding gown. and me maybe crying my heart out of excitement and nervousness and praying that I won't trip for Kuya Paulo might scold me while walking... which would be so typical of me hahahahahah  =)

I've always told everyone including Rodel that I want to get married at San Agustin church.. the church where I got baptized it's been my dream church for decades, but I guess when one gets older your prospective changes, I don't even remember my baptismal.. who does?? so when Rodel asked where I would like to have our wedding its like someone whispered "Mt. Carmel" and like on cue I remembered all the memories.

 So its only fitting that Ive chosen Mt Carmel to have our ceremony. And I got good news today!!! He was able to book Mt Carmel!!! Yahoo!!!!!
Now we just have to accomplish the Church requirements and since I've been living in Singapore for more than 10 years I have a few additional requirements from the Diocese of Cubao ( Chancery Case - I would explain in another post )


5th Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Tel. No. 724-5938, 725-1508


  1. There are no weddings on Sundays and during regular masses on Weekdays, (6:00AM, 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM).
  2. Weddings should be arranged and scheduled at least One (1) Month before the wedding date. RESERVATION FEE of P 7,500.00 is required (Strictly Non-refundable and Non-movable) and deductible from the total amount of P 15,000.00. All fees should be settled one (1) week before the wedding date.
  • Marriage License from Civil Registrar’s Office
  • CENOMAR – Certificate of No Marriage from NSO
  • Marriage Contract from NSO (If Civilly Married)
  • Certificate of Baptism (Bride and Groom) with parish seal and marked “For Marriage Purposes”
  • Certificate of Confirmation (Bride and Groom) with parish seal and marked “For Marriage Purposes”
  • Permission from Parish Priest of the Bride and Groom
  • Publication of Marriage Banns in the parishes of the Bride and Groom for 3 consecutive Sundays
  • Attendance of Pre Cana or Pre Marriage Counselling (2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at Mt. Carmel)
  • ID Pictures and Residence Certificates
  • Birth Certificate (Bride and Groom)
  • List of Principal Sponsors
  • Canonical interview with a Priest at Mt. Carmel (every Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 AM), One (1) month before the wedding date (with complete papers). PLEASE BE ON TIME.
  • A LETTER OF DELEGATION from the parish for couples who have their own officiating priest.
  1. MIXED MARRIAGE: Marriage between a Catholic and non-Catholic. Couple should secure permit from the Diocese of Cubao Chancery Office.
  2. Marriage between a Filipino and a foreigner: Secure Civil Status at the Foreign Embassy.
  3. The couple should inform Mt. Carmel Shrine Parish Office if they have their OWN officiating priest. In case the invited priest doesn’t show up at eh wedding, it is the responsibility of the wedding party to look for a substitute.
  4. The Rites For Marriage approved by the Holy See in the Philippine Roman Catholic Church must be observed. In case the couple will have a Nuptial Mass Missalette printed, a draft should be submitted to the parish office for approval before printing. Nuptial missalettes not submitted for approval may be rejected.
  5. Church Decorations: A simple, elegant but proper decoration shall be provided by the Parish. Contracting parties however may provide additional ornaments and flowers.
  6. WEDDING MUSIC: This is not included in the package but we require couples to get Mt. Carmel Choir for a fee of P 4,000.00 only. Otherwise, a charge of P 1,000.00 will be billed to the couples.
  7. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Only two (2) to three (3) photographers may be allowed at the altar and (1) video cameraman. They should limit their movements especially during sacred celebration.
  8. Be Punctual. Only one (1) hour is allotted for the whole celebration. In extreme cases when the contracting parties start late, only the marriage rite will be celebrated.




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