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A little note

A little note

Bo & Ding's Save the Date (DIY)

My friends and Family never thought that I would even get married or I think they even wondered whether I know that such a word existed. So I can't blame them for their reaction when I sent them our save the date via FB, courtesy of Wedding Chicks ( they have a lot of Wedding DIY stationaries and inspirations)

My cousins were happily excited to the point that my cousin Jason almost booked a ticket to Manila for June 2013, Jetstar was having a promo and its ending soon. Luckily he confirmed the date with me before they bought the ticket.

 Some of my friends also thought that we are getting married this year

DIY Save the Date from Wedding Chicks

This was our Save the date picture that I've sent, well I think this was misleading although it was not intentional hmmmm? maybe they are so excited .. or selective reading that they missed out the full date below :-)

After receiving my friends and family's reaction and I don't want to have anymore confusion. I changed our save the date picture

DIY Save the Date from Wedding Chicks

 So far am not getting any confused reaction, I think this Save the Date picture is a keeper.



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