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A little note

A little note

My SIDE of our STORY

I think it was in 1995, we are both working at Jollibee Padre Faura. I was then a SMART officer and he was a kitchen crew, we didnt even hit it off at the start for I have my own set of Kuya's so I dont even know him well. I had this community project in Quirino Grandstand and I needed someone to accompany me, I asked Ma'am Shell who I could borrow to help me out, I was hoping that it would be one of my Kuya;s for I dont want to be bored so I was like hinting to her but lo and behold she choose Rodel!!! Since I dont want to start an argument with her I just settled with Rodel, well it was awkward and least to say boring, Rodel is not as talkative as I am :-(
Dont know how it happened but eventually he was part of our group, well maybe he hit if off with my other Kuya's ( Bartley, Marlou ) our group was inseparable and I was closed to all of them plus their GF's. Rodel then became my break buddy since he doesnt have a choice, his GF then wouldnt be able to leave until I go for my break. Yes! you read it right his GF then was my assistant :-) He would be accompanying me for my break, buy me iced tea from Wendys and go for yosi break, and just like that we became close friends. Did I mentioned that am a spoiled brat with my Kuya's

I left Jollibee to work for Cafe Elysee, both of us are single and unattached. Among my Kuya;s hes the persistent one that would pick me up from work almost everyday ( remember Iam a spoiled brat ) my staff then would assume that he is my BF and of course I would deny it and explain to them that we are just friends (Kuya and Ate) . When did it hit me?? well, a staff of mine commented " Ma'am no guy in his right state of mind would waste his time with a friend if he doesnt feel anything, friends dont do this to each other and you just have to see you two together, its different! " Boom!! then I realized that there is something there that I didnt realized before hahahahah well I just kept this to myself and just went on with our set up.

I got a job which required me to work in Surigao, June 13, 1999 the a day before I left...well it was a sad and happy day. Iam leaving Manila but then finally we are officially a WE..

14 years later.. with our own share of ups and downs.. We are getting hitched!!!



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