Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy Tummy : Yoshinoya (Junction 8)

I've been slacking in updating my blog in December was busy eating hahahahha. And it's so me that I needed to be in the mood to actually write.

My brother Phlebas is back in Singapore for the holidays so that only means that it's going to be an eating galore month and we even have the perfect's the Christmas season hahahahha..

We are on our way to pick up our cousin Jason from the airport when we noticed that Yoshinoya has opened, it was under renovation for a month or two.

We decided to have a late light lunch...

The interior is bright and cozy..and you guys have to know this...every table has it's own power socket :-) wink wink...charging galore.

We ordered the large beef set, up graded our miso soup to mushroom added coleslaw and onsen egg hahahahahah yes we call this light lunch.

One of the coolest thing they did is that all drinks are free flow....

And the best part of this visit...they gave me a free Coca Cola Bear...not sure why but I am thankful and pleasantly surprised ,

Yoshinoya is offering desserts too but we are in a hurry so we are not able to give it a try.

Will be definitely back... 

How about you? Have you visited the new Yoshinoya?

Till our next Happy Tummy adventure. 

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