Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy Tummy: Guzman y Gomez (Star Vista)

I think I had visited Guzman y Gomez in Star Vista several times and yet I was not able to write about it...hmmmm..

Well my brother Phlebas is back in town so we decided to have lunch with my friends Whoop and Sky Koh, and since Whoop liked the nachos we decided to visit Guzman y Gomez.

So what did we order???

Pork Nachos SGD 13.50

Chicken Rice Bowl SGD 10.50

Beef Rice Bowl SGD 11.40

Not able to take photos

1 Beef Burrito SGD 11.40
1 Pork Salad   SGD 12.50
4 Frozen Lemonade SGD 12.00

And of course the token wefie with our food

Great, we loved what we ordered. I did mentioned that this is not our first visit.

Bright and cozy the dining area is kinda small but they do have outside seating.

The staff was courteous and helpful.

Very very affordable, our total bill was SGD 72.00. I even asked the cashier to double check our order when he told me our total bill hahahahha

Will I come back??
Yes!! and maybe next time should try thier frozen margaritas.

Want to know more about Guzman y Gomez...here are their details

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