Sunday, May 29, 2016

Washi Tape Pen Holder

Been a lazy Sunday, I had planned to update my blog for sometime now and some materials I've written had been on draft hahaha. So lets give Bloggariod another try.

Been seeing a lot of this tissue cardboard DIY project in Pinterest when I saw one of this cardboard lying around it gave me an idea, this DIY project like my previous ones are easy to do so maybe you Belles could give it a try.

What will you need
Washi tapes
Tissue roll cardboard

Trace the outside of the tissue cardboard on a cardboard

Cut the traced image with a use of a scissor

Apply glue on the edge of the cut out

Apply glue too on the bottom of the tissue cardboard

Attach the 2 pieces

Choose the Washi tapes of your choice, I choose 3 designs.

Roll the first design starting from the bottom, let some excess of tape exceed the bottom.

Cut the excess tape

Fold the excess tape to the bottom, this will help secure the bottom of your own holder

and it will give the bottom a finish look.

Roll the 2nd design of Washi tape.

Roll the 3rd design of Washi tape.

Repeat the process until you reach the top of the tissue cardboard.

Tadaah!!! After 15 minutes you have yourself a new own holder.

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