Saturday, February 08, 2014

How to wear an Infinity Dress

Ok now you have decided to give your ladies an Infinity Dress to wear on your day and like me I liked the idea of giving the ladies the opportunity to show their personalities by letting them choose how they wanted to wear their dresses.

So what's next? Well, when I had my first Infinity Dress I was confused hahahah or better yet overwhelmed on how to wear it... so to make the life of my dear ladies easier I asked the help of Google and of course my ever trusty bridesmaid Lorena and here are some styles that could help you or your ladies anyday :-)

We had fun trying the different styles. You and your ladies would too. :-)

Have an Infinity dress? Share your pictures with us.

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  1. hi id like to know where you bought the infinity dress? and how much? i think it would be great for bridesmaids dresses

  2. Hi Jereme, Thanks for visiting :-) As for the Infinity Dresses I bought them from Ms. Agatha of Cheesecake their FB page is

    And Yes, it's a great bridesmaid dress my entourage wore it during our big day. If you want to know more I have a post which you could read it here

    I've havent done my supplier rating yet but for the infinity dress its a perfect 10 :-)

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