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Wedding Planning Adventure: Arrahe (Unity Coins)

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When I started planning our day, I did not give so much attention to the Arras that is needed during the ceremony until I stumbled upon an article in the W@W website.
It was beautiful and I liked that each coin in the Unity Coins set has a unique design, representing one of thirteen universal tenets of marriage

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 So what is an Arras what does it symbolizes, well the teacher in me had to do some research about it so Google said:

The word arras is a Spanish word meaning "earnest money", "bride price", or "bride wealth". The custom of using coins in weddings can be traced to a number of places including Spain and Rome. The Spanish tradition includes treating the set of coins as a representation of the bridal dowry or a way of hastening prosperity, and is placed inside decorated boxes or trays.
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In a wedding, an arrhae (wedding coins or arras as it’s known here in the Philippines) traditionally symbolizes the groom’s ability of to support his bride and confirms his position as the breadwinner of their future family. The thirteen (13) arras coins represents wealth and prosperity for each month of the year with an extra to spare assuring luck for the newlyweds and their future family the whole year through and beyond.

The ritual of the arras, where the groom would pass the coins to his bride, has always been an integral part of every Catholic Filipino wedding. This symbolic rite was influenced by the Spaniards centuries ago as they brought Christianity here in the Philippines. Similar arras rituals are still practiced today in Spain and Mexico. For us Filipinos, the arrhae gave way to the addition of another little boy in the wedding party — the Coin Bearer! Just like the Ring Bearer, this role is usually reserved for a favorite nephew or a good friend’s son.

But while the traditional arrhae have come to only symbolize material wealth with the man pledging support for his wife, today’s couples face married life together in a more mutually-supportive way than ever before. This has been the guiding inspiration for the Unity Coins — the 21st century update of the traditional wedding arrhae. The coins bear symbolisms that affirms the wedding vows as each coin represents one of the thirteen universal tenets of an enduring marriage.

My research gave me a deeper sense of the meaning of the Arras, and that getting married does come with great responsibility and commitment. And these is one of the many moments that I missed my Dad and Mom, I would imagine them telling me all these customs and traditions and what it means instead of me relying to Google. Haiz! now am in my Tita Me Emo mode :-(

So let's get back to my Unity Coins adventure

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In the W@W Unity Coin Website or Facebook Page there's a list of shops wherein you could purchase the Unity Coins.

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The price is quite steep since we are still paying off some of our suppliers until year end so Jowaness and I  decided that we would just purchase it next year.

Then a sign came, ( am a firm believer in signs hahahah) the W@W Auction. My first auction, and I was excited, I registered with the only intention of bidding for the Unity Coins.

It was a fun experience, you would be high when your the highest bidder and you would be anxious when you're out bidded, but this story has a happy ending.

Ok dont over react, I did won and my final bid was PHP 2,550 so thats roughly only PHP 200 savings, but here is the surprise!! Ma'am Benz asked me to pay PHP 2200 only she wanted to give her W@W Brides a substantial discount, Yahoo!! another great wedding gift :-) Remitted the payment, sent her the slip and delivery address...

And the following day Jowaness received

Am so happy! Planning to put it on our altar after our big day as our constant reminder not only the tenets of marriage but the commitment that we made :-)

If you want to have your own Unity Coins please visit the links below

Unity Coins
Website: Weddings At Work
Facebook: Unity Coins


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  1. This symbolic rite was influenced by the Spaniards centuries ago as they brought Christianity here in the Philippines.

    1. That is why I getting married in the Philippines is non-negotiable for me. I love our traditions and customs.