Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My SIDE of our STORY

I think it was in 1995, we are both working at Jollibee Padre Faura. I was then a SMART officer and he was a kitchen crew, we didnt even hit it off at the start for I have my own set of Kuya's so I dont even know him well. I had this community project in Quirino Grandstand and I needed someone to accompany me, I asked Ma'am Shell who I could borrow to help me out, I was hoping that it would be one of my Kuya;s for I dont want to be bored so I was like hinting to her but lo and behold she choose Rodel!!! Since I dont want to start an argument with her I just settled with Rodel, well it was awkward and least to say boring, Rodel is not as talkative as I am :-(
Dont know how it happened but eventually he was part of our group, well maybe he hit if off with my other Kuya's ( Bartley, Marlou ) our group was inseparable and I was closed to all of them plus their GF's. Rodel then became my break buddy since he doesnt have a choice, his GF then wouldnt be able to leave until I go for my break. Yes! you read it right his GF then was my assistant :-) He would be accompanying me for my break, buy me iced tea from Wendys and go for yosi break, and just like that we became close friends. Did I mentioned that am a spoiled brat with my Kuya's

I left Jollibee to work for Cafe Elysee, both of us are single and unattached. Among my Kuya;s hes the persistent one that would pick me up from work almost everyday ( remember Iam a spoiled brat ) my staff then would assume that he is my BF and of course I would deny it and explain to them that we are just friends (Kuya and Ate) . When did it hit me?? well, a staff of mine commented " Ma'am no guy in his right state of mind would waste his time with a friend if he doesnt feel anything, friends dont do this to each other and you just have to see you two together, its different! " Boom!! then I realized that there is something there that I didnt realized before hahahahah well I just kept this to myself and just went on with our set up.

I got a job which required me to work in Surigao, June 13, 1999 the a day before I left...well it was a sad and happy day. Iam leaving Manila but then finally we are officially a WE..

14 years later.. with our own share of ups and downs.. We are getting hitched!!!
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Miss Chuchubells

Miss Chuchubells was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines in 1973. She left Manila for Singapore in 2001and still lives in there with her Hubbyness and brother. When not updating her blog, Miss Chuchubells is a passionate food enthusiast, proud coffee fanatic, social media advocate, tv fanatic , amateur travel buff, beauty newbie but mostly she is a dreamer and believes that “People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” and she is living it right now.

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