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DIY Project - Monogram

DIY : Monogram

This is a must have to share, searching for tons of invitation online a bride to be would be confused and excited so many to choose from and tons of FREE DIY templates but since I wanted a coordinated look decided to make our invitation with our monogram. I had fun searching and when I found the one I was able to make our first draft of invitation, that I would be sharing in another post since I still have to print it and take a photo.

Here's the best sites that Ive found. Enjoy creating yours :-) Oh, and if you have other interesting site to share please leave a comment.


This site is cool, you would be asked to choose a color, enter your initials and BOOM! you get your printable monogram. I loved how our looked like but then I can't seem to copy it to make a jpeg, I guess I have to scan and save it as a photo, another project for me :-)

I love their site, so much fun things. You could create your own monogram depending in your theme, just enter your initials and you would be able to download the picture :-)

Renaissance Writings

 H2B liked this the most he has to choose from a dozen designs that I found and made. Again just like the rest this is easy, you have to enter both of your names and you new surname initial, choose a color enter your email. Your monogram would be sent to your email instantly :-)

Their choice of colors is limited, if you like the design you could do this in Microsoft word. The site Project Wedding has a tutorial to guide you.

My 1st draft of invitation is done, but it does not mean my search for a monogram is over so for the meantime I will be using this monogram for all our wedding stationery, which by the way I made thru Microsoft word.

I would update this list if I find any new sites that could help.

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